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Inclement weather policy for the MASC Mid-American Soccer Classic

Coaches & Admins,

We are watching the weather forecast very closely and have no plans to cancel the tournament at this moment. The current forecast is only calling for rain.

NOTE: In the case of threatening weather, please check the website home page FIRST for information!! In the unlikely event that there are any changes to the tournament status(cancel or delay of games) will be there first and then emailed to the primary contact and the coach.

The tournament will play on in just rain, in the case of thunder & lightening the games will be halted immediately for a period of 30 minutes until the threatening conditions have passed, meaning no lightening or thunder during that period. If 10 minutes into the 20 minutes there is more activity the clock with start over until we go 30 minutes straight without it.

In order to protect the safety of all participants, we ask that you adhere to the procedures below:

In the case of threatening weather, headquarters will signal game suspension by one long blast from the horn. Participants should then immediately seek shelter in a car. The minimum wait for a delay will be 30 minutes.
3 short blasts from the horn will indicate it is safe to resume play.
In the case of extended delays, coaches must check with the Field Marshal or headquarters for game status.

Please respect these policies:

There is NO safe shelter from lightning at any of the venues
If threatened by lightning all participants should take shelter in a car
No person shall return to a field for at least 30 minutes after lightning is seen or thunder is heard
The Referee may suspend a game due to any condition he/she deems dangerous
Headquarters will determine when conditions are safe to resume play

Thanks for your cooperation!


MASC Mid-American Soccer Classic
Fairfield, OH 45014
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