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The 2016 MASC Mid-American Soccer Classic has concluded!
WHEN: Girls April 8th - 10th, 2016; Boys April 15th - 17th, 2016
WHERE: Fairfield, OH
FEES: U8-10 (6v6), $550.00; U10-12 (8v8), $575.00; U12-19, (11v11) $625.00
Application deadline was: Wednesday, Mar 16, 2016
PAY TO: MASC Soccer Tournament; PO Box 18301, Fairfield, OH 45018
Credit Cards Accepted for Application Fees
Permission to Host/Sanctioning Form

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Congratulations to 2016 Champions & Finalists

Congratulations to All Champions & Finalist of the 2016 MASC!!
April 20, 2016

Butler County Special Olympics

PO Box 13324
Hamilton, OH 45013
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Congratulations to 2016 Champions & Finalists
April 20, 2016
MASC Boys 2016

BU08Bronze PAL FC / Metro FC White
BU08Gold Metro FC Rapids 07 / OESC South U8 Boys
BU08Silver Cincinnati United - Dortmund / Cincinnati Soccer Premier
BU09Bronze CU Brazil / Galaxy
BU09Copper Butler Fury 07 / CU LM Sounders
BU09Gold Total Futbol Academy / NKSA Surf
BU09Silver FOSC BU9 Red / CUSE Revolution
BU10Bronze BSA Celtic 05 Green / CWSC Avengers
BU10Copper PAL FC / Lakota FC Titans
BU10Gold FOSC BU10 Red / FOSC BU-10 White
BU10Silver WSU U10 Boys Green / NKSA King Cobras
BU11Blue Cincinnati Soccer Alliance BU10 Elite / TFA Premier
BU11Bronze Elite FC U11 boys blue / BSA Celtic U11 Blue
BU11Copper Classics Eagles Gold / Crew SC
BU11Gold WSU 05 Green / FOSC BU11 Red
BU11Red Indiana Fire Juniors South 05B Red Select / OP White
BU11Silver CU Syc-Ma Dynamo / KHSC Strikers
BU11White Wapakoneta Select / NKSA Fury
BU12Bronze SP Soccer Academy Blue / Storm Orange 04 Boys
BU12Copper CSC 04 Boys Gold / WCSA U12 Red
BU12Gold FOSC BU12 Red / Lakota FC Panna
BU12Silver Kings Hammer Select / Lakota FC Outlaws
BU13Bronze NKSA Force (Bayer) / Cincinnati West United Red
BU13Gold BSA Celtic 02 Red / GNA Revolution Blue
BU13Silver Kings Hammer Seect- Chandler / NWC Alliance B02 White
BU14Gold LFC B01 Black / FOSC Red Stars
BU14Silver 02 Green / Cincinnati United Lakota Arsenal
BU15Gold CU Lakota Revolution / FOSC BU15 Red
BU15Silver TSC Black Attack 00 / OESAKY U15b Gold
BU16Gold BSC Warriors / Carpathia Kickers 00
BU16Silver FC42 U16B Royal II / Kolping United
BU17Gold Creek FC / Thunder United FC
BU19Gold Club Ohio United Black/ Vipers
BU19Silver FC42 U18-19 Green Sunseri / United

2016 MASC Girl's Champions/Finalists


GU08Gold Middletown Impact GFC U8 Blue / BSC Spark
GU08Silver BSA Celtic 07 Red / Midd. Impact GFC White U8
GU09Bronze BSA Celtics 06 Red / Kolping Tigers
GU09Copper Lady Knights / Black Hawks
GU09Gold Cincinnati West Academy Elite / NWC Alliance G06-U9 Black
GU09Silver Urbana Girls 06 Maroon / Metro FC Toledo Courage Blue
GU10Bronze CE U10G BLK2 05-06 / Metro FC Toledo Courage
GU10Copper NKSA - Stocker / NKSA Double Trouble
GU10Gold CWSC Crew / FOSC GU10 Red Flash
GU10Silver CUSE Team 2 Lightning / FOSC GU10 White
GU11Blue Waynesville Attack / LFC G05 Black
GU11Bronze COE U11G Blue / Knights SC - U11
GU11Copper Southwest Soccer Club / Beavercreek Celtics
GU11Gold Metro FC Toledo Courage Red / NKSA Pro Elite
GU11Red Kolping Jags / DSX Stealth
GU11Silver Springfield thunder SC G U11 Navy / Westerville United FC
GU11White SouthStars SC Team Lightning / Coneheads
GU12Bronze USAI 04 Girls Premier / LFC 04 Blue
GU12Copper LFC U12 Girls Grey / GCSC United
GU12Gold Metro FC Toledo Courage / Lexington FC 04 Red
GU12Silver Alliance/CESC 04 Girls Orange / Thunder United Metro FC Yellow 03
GU13Blue CWSC DYNAMO ELITE / Celtic 03 Red
GU13Bronze North United Blackhawks / CU Real Sociedad
GU13Copper Grand Lake United Blue Warriors / Club X Cosmos
GU13Gold Metro FC Toledo Courage / TUMFC G02 Green
GU13Silver cwsc Impact / Southern Ohio Crew
GU14Bronze HCSC Thunder / CUSE Villarreal
GU14Gold CWSC Academy Elite GU14 / FOSC GU14 Red Premier
GU14Silver Metro FC Toledo Lightning U14 / CWSC Fusion
GU15Gold Team Challenger Futbal Club / Cincinnati United Blaze
GU15Silver Ohio United Crushers / Metro FC Toledo Lightning U15
GU16Gold Chaos / Butler United 99 Bullets
GU16Silver Flaming Arrows / LFC GIRLS BLUE
GU17Gold Hawks Premier Futbol Club / Kolping Premier
GU17Silver FOSC GU17 Black / Southern Ohio Crew
GU19Gold FOSC RED / Kolping Elite
GU19Silver Thunder United U18 White / STAR Force

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MASC Mid-American Soccer Classic
Fairfield, OH 45014
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