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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the deadline for payment of tournament fees?
Registration ends on Friday, March 13th. We must receive payment of fees by March 20th in order for your team to be considered for placement in the MASC.
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What is the order of difficulty of your divisions?
From top to bottom:
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Medical Release Forms
Can we use the medical forms we have or do we need to use the form you provide.

Your existing forms are okay to use.
The application form does not look right on my screen (overlapping drop down boxes, long rows over the input fields, etc.) What is going on?
First, you should let the ENTIRE form load BEFORE you scroll. It is a big form.

In short, your computer does not have enough memory (RAM) available to render the form correctly. Here is the solution that will work in most cases:

1. Clear the cache (temporary files) in Internet Explorer (Usually Tools>Internet Options>Remove Temporary files
2. Shut down Internet Explorer
3. Restart the computer
4. Open JUST MS Internet Explorer.
5. Go to Web site, fill out form.

In most cases, this will solve the problem....
What format will our age group play?
Formats for this year's tournament will be:

U8 & U9 & U10 - 6v6
U11 & 12 - 8v8
U13 - U19 - 11v11
What is the mailing address for the MASC?
MASC Tournament
Randy Clark
5858 Stonebridge Circle
Milford, OH 45150
What is the MASC policy on schedule requests?
We will do what we can to accommodate your requests, however, the following types of conflict requests WILL NOT be considered as a legitimate request:
· Can you schedule a game no earlier than noon cause our coach is not available?
· Can you schedule a game in the after noon cause we are arriving from out of state the night before or first morning of the tournament?
· I have 6 teams in the tournament and want to get to all the games in one weekend?
· I have 4 teams in the tournament and want to get to all the games in one weekend?
· I have 3 teams in the tournament and want to get to all the games in one weekend?
· Can you schedule one game the first day, and two on the second?
· Can you schedule two games on the first day, and one on the second?
· Can you reschedule the semi-finals and/or finals to accommodate the 2+ teams I have in the semi-finals and/or finals?
· Can you reschedule Sunday games to accommodate my teams departure flight times?
· Can you schedule games on adjacent fields so I can coach two games at once?
These are consistent requests we've had over the years. Please note that it takes hours and hours to make the tournament game and referee assignment schedule and every schedule change is a big deal. It is impossible to take in to consideration 3 or more teams playing the same weekend. For coaches taking multiple teams to a tournament we encourage you to have assistant coaches who can coach the team in your absence. At best we can try to accommodate 2 teams playing in the same weekend.
Please email any conflict requests to our Tournament Director at masctournament@gmail.com. Please be clear as to the club name, coaches name, gender and age and full name of each team that is participating.
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The trophy list is a pdf file and I cannot type on it.
Please use the pdf file as a template for the information you need to provided on the trophy list. You can use either an excel or word document for the list.
Our trophies are individualized and the engraver requires a typed list.
I did not see a liability release form when I looked at the items under forms. Do we need one for the MASC?
The MASC tournament does not require a team liability release form.
We have medical release forms for each of our players. Can we use these or do we need to use your form?
If you have existing Medical Release Forms they are acceptable. We have included a form in our packet for the convenience of teams that do not have them.
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We will be posting questions on this page as they are asked, so check here before calling. (We are always are happy to talk to you, but this may save you time and a good healthy game of phone tag.)


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